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The Ultimate "Diet Pill" Specifically Developed For The Significantly Overweight*

When you're more than 20 pounds overweight and tired of wasting money on one ordinary "diet pill" after another... and every diet plan has failed.

Leptopril® is the first weight-control compound specifically designed for people who are significantly overweight. In addition to its proven weight-control compound, Leptopril contains powerful stimulants that help overcome diet fatigue and provide the energy you want and need throughout the day. Remember: Leptopril is an extremely powerful anorectic agent and is not intended for use by the casual dieter who is merely attempting to shed five or six "vanity" pounds. However, if substantial, excess body fat is adversely affecting your health and self-esteem, then Leptopril can provide serious help.*

Men and women who use Leptopril consider it one of the greatest weight-loss discoveries ever. Leptopril helps you overcome your difficult weight-loss problems while helping you regain the attractive, healthy looking body you thought was gone forever.*

Once you've experienced the power of Leptopril, be sure to tell your friends! Consult your health-care professional before starting any weight-loss program. If your health-care professional has any questions about Leptopril, have him or her call our customer service department at 1-800-698-2217.